Surgical Procedures


General Surgical Services provided include endocrine, abdominal, oncologic, and bariatric procedures: open, advanced laparoscopic, and robotic.


*Endocrine: *Bariatric:
     Thyroid      Gastric bypass
     Parathyroid      Gastric sleeve
     Adrenal      Weight loss surgery revisions
*Abdominal: (including but not limited to ) >    Obalon Balloon System
     Spleen  *Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic:   
     Pancreas      Cholecystectomy
     Gall bladder      Hiatal hernia repair
     Ventral hernia      Ventral herniorrhaphy
     Inguinal hernia      Gastrostomy
     Umbilical hernia      Jejunostomy
     Spigelian hernia      Heller myotomy
     Hiatal hernia      Adrenalectomy
     Acid reflux (GERD)      Splenectomy
     Achalasia      Lysis of adhesions
     Stomach      Diagnostic laparoscopy
     Small Bowel and Colon      Partial and full colectomy
     Esophagus      Inguinal herniorrhaphy
     Appendix      Incisional herniorrhaphy    
     Spinal exposure      Umbilical herniorrhaphy 
*Other areas:      Nissen Fundoplication
     Benign/malignant skin lesions  
     Portacath placement  


Please call our office for further information about other services that may not be listed.